About us

Amazon Garden is located in Thailand just a little north-west of Bangkok, operated by a Thai, American and Dutch grower

Amazon Garden is specialized in rare plants of Monstera, Philodendron, Epipremnum, Amydrium, Rhaphidophora, Scindapsus, Syngonium and Anthurium.

Alocasia on a smaller scale.

On this webside we offer aroid species, mostly collected by Mick Mittermeier (MickMitty IG) / (MickMitty FB) and special thanks to Marco Cenedo Fonseca (IG Marco) and Orlando O. Ortiz (IG Orlando)

All our other plants you can find on RRHE
or on the links above.

Hope you enjoy checking out our plants. When you can’t find your favorite Monstera, contact us, we have more.